Printing Demonstrations

Live demonstrations at SPF Fort Lauderdale share the experience of some of our favorite, local and national master printers at work using classical, traditional and contemporary printing technologies and techniques.

Check out all the SPF’19 demos:

Steamroller Printing Demo

Ingrid Schindall of IS Projects leads this giant print demonstration with a construction grade steamroller, pressing prints as large as 40 x 90 inches. Artists are invited to bring their own giant blocks, try out our large format relief workshop, or just come enjoy the spectacle. Sign up to print at www.spf-ftl/the-steamroller.

Screen Printing Demo

Join artist / professor Kandy Lopez and NSU art students for live screen printing during SPF'19! We will be printing off SPF tote bags for sale and running audience-sourced items on the press through out the day. Bring your own shirt/tote/bandanna/whatever and we'll screen print it!


More Demos Announced Soon!