Printing Demonstrations

Live demonstrations at SPF Fort Lauderdale share the experience of some of our favorite, local master printers at work using classical, traditional and contemporary printing technologies and techniques.

Steamroller Printing Demo

Ingrid Schindall of IS Projects leads this giant print demonstration with a construction grade steamrollers, pressing prints as large as 40 x 90 inches. Artists are invited to bring their own giant blocks, try out our large format relief workshop, or just come enjoy the spectacle. Sign up to print at www.spf-ftl/the-steamroller.

Gocco Demo

Join Portable Edition's newest publication endeavor Loteria Press and contribute to their collaborative postcard project! Loteria uses a Risograph stencil duplicator and the Gocco silk-screening machine to create unique and affordable editions, learn all about how this weird and cool process works!

Screen Printing Demo

Join us for live screen printing during SPF'17! NSU Art & Design, led by artist and professor Tennille Shustyer will be printing off SPF tote bags for sale and running audience-sourced items on the press through out the day. Bring your own shirt/tote/bandana/whatever and we'll screen print it!

Intaglio Demo

Join Kim Spivey  of  Ground Printmaking in a hard and soft ground etching on copper interactive demonstration. Participants will try their hand at working into a grounded copper plate and observe the etching process from beginning to end. For this demonstration the audience will be invited to work into the plates before they are etched and they will be able to observe and learn about the etching process from start to finish. 

Letterpress Demo

Join visiting artist Chris Fritton of The Itinerant Printer for ongoing demonstrations of a vintage letterpress, pressing postcards and small items all day. 

Mini Poster Demo

IS Projects brings you a mini poster demo using a 60 year old printing press. You'll be able to decorate the background of your poster then arrange magnetic type on the press to create your vision. Each poster will be unique and yours to take with you. 

Creation Stations

SPF Fort Lauderdale will host hands-on activities for the community, families and kids at the creation stations set up inside the fair. Join us and create your own printed postcard, zine or doodle from SPF’17! 

The Stage

The stage at SPF Fort Lauderdale presents a series of short discussions, talks and readings from artists, authors, publishers, scholars and print-enablers to further facilitate a dialogue about print, book and zine culture in South Florida and beyond.

SPF'17 author readings organized by Darius V. Daughtry and Art Prevails Project.


Darius Daughtry is a poet, teacher and cultural arts organizer. He is the Founder/Artistic Director at Art Prevails Project, a creative collaborative dedicated to expanding conversations through artistic and cultural experiences.

JaShae Jones is a poet, singer, and songwriter passionate about using the arts as a healing mechanism. She has used poetry as mechanism to fight against self-doubt and insecurities. @jashaejones

Isaida Ortiz grew up up in the San Isidro neighborhood of Canonvans, Puerto Rico, where her poetic voice was forged as a youth. Her voice has grown to speak her truth and use her power as an advocate for youth, literary and women's organizations.

Marnino Toussaint is spoken word artist, performer, and youth arts educator. Once he discovered that his passion was hidden in words, he has been a meticulous student and strives daily to harness what's within.